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Voice to the World
an Interdenominational Trinitarian outreach.
For those unfamiliar with these terms, interdenominational
means we support all Christian denominations and
means we believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit as
three different
self-identities, but at the same time one
inclusive entity. How is this done? No one knows

The inclusion of other faiths on this site is to start the
process of better understanding among all of us. This does
not mean agreement, but an understanding that we are all
trying to get to the same place by many different roads.

Our understanding of all Holy books demonstrates that God worked to include conceptual ideas into all of writings.
And no, God didnot write the Bible on a manual Underwood typewriter and delivered it, leather bound, with the birth
of Jesus.

He know communicating through all of the many languages and all the many re-interpretations, detail could not be
included. This is why we see the placement of concepts along with human interpretation and explanations in the Bible.
We can see these four concepts in the Holy books of other faiths, too.

Because of God's understanding of the processes with all the Holy books, He has stayed with guiding the inclusion of
four basic Commandments within these books, as well many others books.

1.  Love thy God above all else.
It shall be returned to you a thousandfold or more and with the ability of each of us to love our family,friends,
strangers, and even our enemies with a pure heart that is sincere

2.  Do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you.
In one way this may be a somewhat flawed commandment. For it means to respect and honor others as you
would yourself. Some feel that they do not warrant respect and honor. Then do so in reverse. Respect and
honor yourself as you would others. Treat all with a oneness of love, propriety, and compassion.

3.  Forgive those who ask for your forgiveness.

It is not up to us to judge the sincerity of the plea. We do so because it will cleanse our hearts and minds of a
negative that will interfere with our relationship with God.

4.  Forgive yourself

This is the hardest commandment of them all. We must continually work to forgive ourselves until we are
honestly able to do so. This can be a roadblock with your relationship with God. All who sincerely work to
forgive ourselves each day will find that even though there may still be consequences to past actions, your
heart has been purified for God.

These are the four commandments that all others are based upon. Many times we can see in the Bible that some lack
an understanding, in this case an example is given. Because of tradition this example becomes part of the Holy
Scriptures. Then someone says: “I do not understand.” Another example is given and that also becomes part of Holy

Love your God with all of your heart. Understand that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are also with you and will help however
you may allow. And God, He is with you, too. Everyday. Whether you know it or not, He is with you.

Many may site the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross is the strongest demonstration of God's love. As important as Jesus
dying on the cross, it is second to the act that truly shows God's

What is this greatest act of Love?
He created this universe and He created us. That is His act of greatest Love.

As long as each of us are pointed towards God and working to create a relationship with God, it is hard to chastise or
condemn this journey.

We believe Christianity is the easiest path to God. Let our actions show this belief and allow this to be our message to
others. God will guide each one of us to be where each belongs. If someone stumbles, be the one that steadies that
person from falling and give a blessing as you do.

If someone asks, then we can explain. We believe that Jesus is the road to salvation, if we honestly ask forgiveness,
then it is somewhat like a free “Get out of Jail” card.

If pray we to this purpose in our own words we are one step closer to our Lord: “I believe I have been forgiven my
past sins. I think I am forgiven today's sins. I believe I will be forgive for tomorrow's sins.”

This is the way to treat our sins. Some think, forgiven once saved for life. That is a bit risky. Instead, pray each day
that our past sins are forgiven and ask that today's sins are forgiven. Also pray for forgiveness for tomorrow's sins.
We will sin, even though we try very hard not to sin. The more you stay in tuned with with the Trinity, the less likely
we will sin as often.

With this as our belief and demonstration of our Love for God. We work to bring together His Family as one. For we will
truly do unto others for they are the same. We do not have to like
a person to love a person in Christ. We are truly one
with God. Each day we work to be more
in the Oneness of God. Some days we succeed.

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foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to provide accurate information so that all of us can make better decisions.
Along with this the foundation strives to provide positive entertainment that is appropriate for the whole family.

Positive entertainment also means entertainment which will make all of us feel better about ourselves and others.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:12

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