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Roman Catholic
United Methodists

Our intent on these and all the pages is to give a better understanding of the denominations and faiths that comprise our religious heritage. More often then not, disagreements arise from the lack of understanding that if it were available, most would agree the differences are from the words chosen, not from the meaning of the words.

An excellent example is the debate about the age of the universe and if evolution is part of the process. When we take a care reading the Bible we can see that both views, Creationism and Evolution can be included. The Bible tells us why things are done, not how.

If it makes you feel closer to God and the Holy Trinity thinking one way or the other, please continue, but understand that others who feel the same close relationship may see things a bit differently.

Archives will be where the historical information will be found. More in this area will be added after the migration to the new server is complete.

It is not our intent to change the beliefs of anyone, only give understanding so that we can all work closer doing the Lord's work.

Our American Flag Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:12

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