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Friends and family in Christ, it may seem a bit
unorthodox to see such a quote from one of
our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, in
such an iconic position for a Christian website.

There is a critical concern that there are some
individuals who have dedicated their very
lives, honors, and fortunes for the expressed
purpose of destroying Christianity first and the
other faiths afterward.
If we are to literally survive and not become refugees such as the
Orthodox Catholics were forced to be in the former Soviet Union, we must
put aside our differences in faith.

Protecting our right to practice our faith in public and private with the
caveat, of course, of not forcing our own beliefs onto others, must be a
deliberate tsunamic campaign by all Christians as well as all faiths as a
coordinated effort of protecting our First Amendment rights.

It is more than sad to have to say that something very different is
presiding in the White House. It is becoming a great concern to many of
both parties and with conservatives, moderates, and liberals that this
current President is actively waging a quiet but powerful war on faith and
all the foundations that help support our faith.

Whether you are for or against gun control, it is only the most visible
attack against the American People by this very government. By
Executive Order from the President of the United States, hapeas corpus
can be withheld from any and all American citizens, at will. Also, our very
media, the broadcasting facilities as well as the print media are being
attacked by acts from our government coordinated by the FCC that is a
strangle hold upon these services.

By  campaigns from government and the FCC, advertising revenues have
been destroyed which makes it impossible for news media to carry the
cost of investigative reporting. In addition, about every other year, a bill is
introduced that would give the President the power to shut down the
Internet with the throwing of one switch. Another bill which has repeatedly
been introduced is the Fairness Doctrine. So far only moderates and
conservatives see the danger in this miss-named legislation.

The Fairness Doctrine mandates equal time for  all positions. It sounds
good exept that the majority of newscasts and news related programs, by
independent studies, are medium-left to hard left in politcal leanings.
Broadcasting facilities, to protect themselves will revert to music for radio
and, I love Lucy, reruns for television. The financial resoures to fight
charges of unfair presentation are gone. Most broadcasters and print
media are dancing around bankruptcy or are just out of bankruptcy. 

We no longer have a free press. If we follow what is being covered in the
news we can see by the very makeup that much is not being covered that
should be presented, at the very least, as secondary or tertiary stories.

And, every day the Federal government is forcing itself into our homes
forcing their decisions upon us over our strongest protests.

Mr. Obama is usurping our protections by our Constitution by means of
“Executive Orders” which bypasses due process and our democratic frame
work. It might be that he feels that if he has an 80% indifference rating on
something, it does not have to be legal to proceed. Some withinin all
partisan elements feel that Mr. Obama's current actions reminds them of
someone in another era. Even to inadvertently give such an impression is

Those in Congress who should be our vanguard against such acts are
allowing these orders to stand while they fight among themselves over
remedies for the deficit as if it were the only bone in town and they a pack
of wild dogs fighting for the prize. In the meantime the President is
stripping one right after another from us without the least protest from the
most of the American People.

Such acts by this President and the lack of action by Congress will be the
fuel for some to use violence against our government. In their eyes they
will feel justified to take such action. But it will only be another nail in the
coffin of our country.

We must stand together as one family in faith that condemns and force the
rescinding of these actions made by this President. It must be by peaceful
means. For if we do not, we may very well see our government turn its
armament against its own people by proclaiming that it must do so, so as
to protect this government and this country.

Freedom is quickly leaving this land and if it goes, the hope of the rest of
the world goes with it, possibly for thousands of years.

Pray for guidance in these difficult times. Act with compassion, but with
strength when telling our government that it has taken several steps too
many and it is now time to return to actions of common sense and sanity
and the goals that this country was founded upon.

Let us not allow the millions who have died for this country be in vain.

God Bless, America and God Bless our leaders so that they will again be
our leaders and not antagonists against the People.
Our American Flag Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:12

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