How can I support
Voice to the World?

Small things to do for Voice to the

Is your church in the directory
with a free listing?

Is the information up to date?
What about other churches
that you know?

Ask that your church subscribe to
enhanced features. Suggest that
businesses support Voice to the
There are three major levels
of support:
1. Business
2. House of Worship
3. Individual support

Voice to the World is asking for $250,000 in
combined support for our first campaign.

Our first campaign will be on radio with messages that remind all of us to bring faith back into the lives
of our family, friends, and community. Our parent group, the Society for Accurate Information and
Distribution is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation which mean your support is allowed as a

The Foundation has all the equipment needed to professionally product these messages with the quality
of the top recording studios in the world. The messages will be light uplifting and designed to make each
of us who hear the message to think a moment or two about Faith in the community, will it make our
community better?

The messages will then be sent out for post production (commercial CDs) and package so that all that is
left is applying a mailing label and postage. The will be a state-wide Michigan pilot program to see what
kind of results we will receive if we continue and make it a national campaign.

This means that almost 500 radio stations in Michigan (491) will receive a copy  of the CD along with a
package to explain what the campaign is all about. The messages will also be available on Voice to the
World in versions of downloading that will be suitable for both individuals and the broadcasting

To proceed with this campaign, we need your support.
We have to join together with everyone of faith to protect our First Amendment Rights.

If we do not halt these attacks on faith, we will end up as the Russian Orthodox Church in the former
Soviet Union. The Church had to go underground and when the priests and parishioners were caught,
they would either be sent to prison, or executed. Now is the time to stop the attack on Faith in the
United States, before it's to late!

Voice to the World
is an interdenominational

Trinitarian website offering understanding of our
Christianity, and working to bring a better
cooperation among all
the denominations and faiths.

This does not mean watering down our own beliefs,
but working together on common causes
and creating
a strong front from all of our religions that will be a
against attacks of any kind.

Some have suggested that Voice to the World is
acting somewhat like a union would for workers. In
some ways it is true, but our weapons are words,
prayer, and a solidarity that ...


No to violence

No to verbal abuse

No to disenfranchising

those of Faith

No to forbid our quite

expression of our Faith

No to  taking our Faith

out of our vocabulary

No to shunning our

expression of Faith

No to forbidding the presence

of our iconic symbols

No to to embarrassing us

by our faith

No to legislation

attempting to destroy faith

No to abuse of our faiths

No to anti-religious tyranny


Yes to believing in God

Yes to putting God first

Yes to stand for moral rights

Yes to believing human

beings are special

Yes to being good stewards of

our land and environment

Yes to offering Prayers/Blessings

to all, friends, family, and foes

Yes to seeing God in all things

and all things in God

Yes to compassion for all

Yes to a quiet presence of God

in all of our activities

Yes to bringing back

Faith into government

Yes to again being a country

based upon religion

Please help our efforts with personal
donations and commercial support.

The more you help us, the more we can do!

Voice to the World is in the process of moving all of the data
on the site to a Linux server witch will be more stable that
the old 15 year server.

All the desktop and laptop computers are now Debian Linux
with a Mate desktop environment. During this change-over
VTTW will be moving from a directory of Mid-Michigan to
being a statewide directory with the latest information.

The Society for Accurate Information
and Distribution Foundation

Post Office Box 4872 East Lansing, Michigan 48826

At this time we can only accept checks and money orders
by mail. When we get things back where they were, we will
then setup electronic donation services.
Thank you for your understanding and support.

Personal Support
Examples are below the support amount
White text on dark green background
Please contact us
for commercial rates
$2,500 per year. 
Underwrite a page on Voice to the World
which includes 200 pixel wide by 100
pixel box which can include a
link to
your family safe website.
(one color

$1,500 per year.
A 200 X 200 pixel box that will be with
other supporters that are
underwriting a page. May contain
link, but have name included. Family     
 entries will be
included on page. (one
color text)

$500      per year.
Family name and an additional line for
60 character limit per line.
(one color text.) Every page on Voice to
the World.

The Bob and Judy Johnson Family
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.

$250    per year. 
200 X 200 pixel box (one color text)

$150    per year. 
Family photo with names, on same page
as church
(Actual size on insertion.)
(one color text)

The Johnson Family
Bob and Judy
Dick, Jane, Sally

The Daily Church
Daily, Michigan

$50      per year.
Family name and an additional line for
comment. 60
character limit per line.
(one color text)
The Bob and Judy Johnson Family
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.

$25      per year.
Support your church with your family
name included in the church listing. 60
character limit per line. (one color text)
The Bob and Judy Johnson Family
Our American Flag Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:12

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