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We have been asked to include a symbolism for Voice to the World. Being part of a charitable foundation, The Society for Accurate Information and Distribution, the view follows the Foundation's point of view.

We believe that God did not write the Bible on an old Underwood typewriter and had it hand delivered as the King James Bible at the birth of Jesus.

Instead of words, God gave us concepts and guided us with understanding. This is true for all faiths, you can see the same concepts in other faiths' Holy books, too.

We believe that we have a Trinitarian, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
The four concepts that were given to us are:

1. Love your God above all else.
This means creating a relationship with Him. (syntax him.) He will then turn much of this love back to family and friends. In fact you will have even more love to give after loving God with all your heart.

2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
This means treating everyone with dignity. Offer a helping hand when needed. This is true too for our enemies. We must consider everyone as a “Unity” a oneness with ourselves and God.

3.  Forgive those who ask for true forgiveness

and continue doing so until it truly happens in our hearts. For if we do not forgive a trespass it will it cause harm to us and our relationship with God through festering.

4.  Forgive ourselves and work on it until we succeed.

This one is the hardest and this will harm our relationship with God, if we do not forgive ourselves.

We believe that it is by our actions that will influence others to become Christians. Don't just say it. Do it. Do it even if no one is around and do so with animals and plants and the whole planet.

Some common questions that are often asked:

What about original sin?

No. We feel that is a mistake in the interpretation of the Bible. We can continue being influenced by sins caused by Adam and Eve, but read the Bible. In the very worst case we can see mentioned that sins are for seven generations. Later it says only the one person.

Think of it this way. If Adam set off an atom bomb, we would still be feeling the consequences of that act today. Being born guilty? No. If it make your relationship to the Lord better, then believe it, for your self. Humans are basically good as are most of the life on earth.

What about animals going to Heaven?

If an animal can understand its own mortality, then yes. There are some domesticated animals that have shown this understanding when they have had the ability to mentally mature. So conversationally no, with some exceptions.

Are we saved?

We ask Jesus for forgiveness and if it is with sincerity and we work to eliminate the sin, our sins will be removed. This is where some have a difference. This forgiveness is always retroactive, so ask for forgiveness every day. Also ask for forgiveness for today and tomorrow, too.

What is sin?

Sin is the turning away from God. As an example, someone with premeditated murder. Technically, it is not the act of murder that is the sin, but the need to turn away from God that is the sin. Yes, some may be able to manage a premeditated murder without turning away from God, but it is very, very, risky.

Is telling a lie a sin?

No. Unless it is designed to hurt someone. What is being addressed in the Bible is telling falsehoods against anyone, especially in legal proceedings. So continue to tell Aunt Mable that her hat is very pretty.

What about evolution?

There is no conflict in the Bible with evolution. God can create and then allow a process to mature. Adam and Eve were a part of a human colony and God put a soul into them. There are two versions in Genesis detailing how God made Adam and Eve. The Bible by the structure of things make it appear that it happened all at once, but it need not be so. There is no conflict about creating Adam and Eve. The impression in Genesis indicates that God took two people and put a soul into them. God created the humans, two where made special to God. From this group Cain and Abel took wives. Did God put a soul into the wives? We don't know, but the children are believed to have souls.

When we look at our genes, we see that we have many more than we use. God made life with great wisdom. To diminish His Works by denying the truth is denying the ability of God to do things His way. There are also many errors in the evolution theory, too.

The concepts described in Intelligent design is flawed. It corrupts the processes God put forward and allowed to unfold. The Higgs boson particle, and some aspects of quantum physics and string theory opens the door to a realistic approach to a process. This is where we can see God. Where did God move specifically and where did He allow designed processes to unfold, this is the question.

Think of the universe as a piano. God built, tuned, and then
plays the piano every day doing things within the ability of the piano. These are the miracles we see around us.

What made the DNA possible? Why are certain things possible where as others are not? God is the composer, and the music is the universe. It can be that God does His miracles by the use of vibrations.

A study of this kind of interpretation of Intelligent Design would be acceptable. The current version is only wishful thinking.

As a side note, wouldn't it be grand to search for God scientifically? The journey alone would be worth it and the things we would learn along the way would be worth the effort.

What about Baptism?

When parents baptize infants, the parents are giving their children to God. When adults step forward to be baptized, they are giving themselves to God. Again, no conflict seen here, only separate purposes.

Can only Christians be Saved?

No. God will decide who will be saved and how. Christians have been given a free “get out of jail” card. As long as someone is sincerely following God, how can we judge? However, we can be a very important example.

Can miracles occur, how?

We must be in tune with God. Think of it as a spiritual radio. When we are on the right frequency we will be in a state of Grace, or a Holy state, or whatever word you wish to use. This is the first step. Many of the other steps are almost formulas once a state of Grace is occurring.

Ask God, or Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, (Sophia) for everything and anything. Ask for help in making choices as simple as what to eat. The more this is done, the more one can stay in a Holy state.

What about other faiths?

Honor their journey and be open to learn something that will help with our own relationship with the Lord. Do not condemn, but be a pure example of a Christian.

What about praying?

Learn to pray every second of every day. You can learn to pray in your sleep, too. You do not have squint up your face and say Jesus Saves in seven syllables. Do so if you wish, but also use simple prayers under your breath, such as: Lord have Mercy, Lord, Thank you Lord. It's yours Lord. Keep these and similar prayers going in the background of your mind all the time. Be sure to pray for others throughout the day, too.

A simplified term is: Be One with God. If you are truly One with God, you will know what to do and your travels will be blessed. Reach out to understand your world and learn to be a good steward and you may become one with the animals, too. They will see your heart is honestly pure, not “paranoid” pure.

Donate at least 10% of income and one/seventh of our time to God's work. That does not mean that everything goes to the church. Pray for guidance.

This is why all of us should be pure examples of Christianity: God may have someone tuned to being a Christians and then by our acts, turn the person away.

The most important point to remember is that it is what you need to do in order to strengthen your relationship with God. Someone else may have to do something else. So remember, there are many ways to strengthen your relationship and for someone else, what you do may be a distraction for them.

The disturbing part of dealing with other Christians is the attempt by some to accuse someone that since they are not serving the Lord their way, you will be going to Hell. It could be the person claiming that everyone else is going to Hell that may wind up being the one cast off from God.

It is God's decision on what a specific person should do, not your opinion or the opinion of your pastor. Love your God with all your heart and you will be guided to help those in spiritual need. As for the pastor that claims that his/her way is the only correct way, find another church where Jesus is allowed to enter.

Our American Flag Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:12

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